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Oscar Zornosa


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I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and raised in South Florida. But, my home is Atlanta. I've spent the past decade tattooing here and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. My tattoo career spans 16 awesome years. I have a deep love and respect this art form and hope to continue until I'm old and grey. 

As a tattooer, I express myself by changing things up and staying on my toes. My focus is large scale pieces.  I work in both color and black and grey and I tattoo in a variety of styles. My favorites being, surrealism, realism, geometric, and psychedelic. 

People seek tattoos for a variety of reasons. Maybe it's to celebrate growth, to make a change, to remember, to let go, or just to have something that brings them a smile and makes them feel good. Whatever the reason, I like to use my artwork to help people express themselves.

Having a career in art gives me the freedom to explore and enjoy a variety of areas in life. As such, I have a wide range of interests. I'm intrigued by science and medicine, l'll build lego sets or make furniture, listen to everything from metal to jam bands, and read sci-fi to history. Having diverse interests, I'm open to the diversity of others. Whether we like the same things or not, all are welcome.


When I'm not at work, I'm most likely to be found at home. My time is spent with my incredible wife and our gang of goofy rescues, including two cats and three dogs.

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Sean Flood

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Sean's path to becoming an artist started in grade school with drawing, painting and sculpting. He continued to hone these skills throughout adolescence. In adulthood, Sean would move on to painting large scale murals for businesses, schools, venues, churches, and private commissions. 

Tattooing became an interest later in life. His career began in 2013, while in Panama City, Florida. With no tattoos or any experience inside a shop, Sean began his apprenticeship at IV Horseman Tattoo, as green as can be. Under the study of Hugh Fowler at, A Sailor's Grave, Sean began learning traditional styles of tattooing including Japanese and American.


Due to the destruction in Panama City courtesy of hurricane Michael, Sean relocated to Atlanta in 2018. With a new location, Sean began trying new styles. He spent countless hours perfecting his skills and currently excels in realism and new school/illustrative work, in both black and grey and color.


Sean is mainly looking for large scale pieces or full body work. He enjoys creating tattoos of flowers, animals, insects, landscapes, pop-culture, anime, sea life, outer space, and anything cartoonish or vibrant.  Sean also works in Japanese and Neo-Traditional designs with realistic features. He's well versed and always looking forward to the next creation!


The greatest tattoo outcome usually comes from having an open mind and lending creative freedom to your artist. You're in great hands with Sean, he prides himself on being well-rounded so that he can tattoo as many people as possible. Take your ideas to him and he can make your dreams come true!

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Caleb Wickencamp

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Caleb was born Florida, but recently moved from Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, where he served honorably in the United States Marine Corps. In order to pursue a career in tattooing, he started his search for talented and professional artists to learn from and enthusiastically began honing his skills.


Caleb has always been interested in art. He started painting and drawing with graphite, and colored pencils, from an early age. Caleb really fell in love with the art form, when he went to Japan and saw the traditional Japanese tattoo culture. He loved the art so much, while living in Japan he decided his first tattoo would be a full back piece performed by a traditional Japanese master.  From that day on Caleb was determined to pursue a career in tattooing.


Caleb loves tattooing all manners of creatures, geometric designs, lettering, and weapons of all kinds. He conducts himself as a professional in every aspect including punctuality, communication and preparation for his designs. In his free time Caleb enjoys shooting, working out, and playing guitar.

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Shaelyn Daniels

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Connecticut native Shae, began drawing as soon as she could pick up a pencil. She knew early on that the career she chose would be tied to art. In 2014, Shae moved to Atlanta to further her education in media arts and animation. She studied styles varying from animation to fine art at, The Art Institute of Atlanta, where she earned a bachelor's degree in media arts and animation.

Shae was always intrigued by tattoo culture and envisioned herself as becoming heavily tattooed. After a lifetime of art education and several commissions of tattoo designs, Shae decided it was time to blend both worlds and pursue a career in tattooing.

Shae currently enjoys both fine art and illustrative tattooing. As an avid gamer and cosplayer, she loves anime, cartooning, and neotraditional tattoos. Shae also excels at softer realism motifs, such as flowers, animals, and ornamental designs.

Shae is a warm welcoming individual that is a self described nerd. She takes pride in nurturing an inclusive environment and looks forward to meeting you!

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Located in the Atlanta area, Living the Dream is a custom tattoo shop offering professionalism in a welcoming and comfortable environment. Our focus is providing the highest quality in tattoos and client focused customer service.

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