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Living the Dream Tattoo is a custom shop located in the Atlanta area in Smyrna, Georgia.  Though we are primarily an appointment only studio, in person visits are welcome.  Our goal at Living the Dream is for clients to experience a casual yet professional atmosphere. Located within the studio is a small gallery featuring a wide collection of individual artists of varying mediums. It has always been the goal of the owner to support multiple art forms that encompass a variety of tastes. 


How do I get an appointment?

  • Use the Booking button or go to our Contact page to fill out the inquiry form. Please note that submitting an inquiry allows us to get a better idea of your concept, but does not guarantee that we will be able to accommodate the request. If we are able to take on your project you will be contacted within seven days to set up a free phone consultation.

Do you take walk-ins?

  • Yes, we do. 

What is your availability or wait time for an appointment?

  • It can be a couple of days or up to six months. It just depends on the artist you are working with and the size of your project. 

What styles of tattooing do you do?

  • We can accommodate most styles. 

Do you have a minimum?

  • Yes, the shop has an $80 minimum. However, individual artists vary greatly.

Do you do small tattoos?

  • Yes we can accommodate small and large scale tattoos.

What do you charge for a tattoo?

  • The price varies greatly depending on the artist and the concept and size of the project. The standard hourly rate in Atlanta is $150 an hour. We have artist at this rate and higher. If you're seeking additional discounts we also have apprentices that may be able to accommodate your needs.

Are touchups free?

  • In most cases. However, there are a few specific areas of the body as well as style requests that are not guaranteed and therefore subject to full price. Another situation that would void a free touch up is if proper aftercare was not followed. 

Can a minor get tattooed at your studio?

  • Absolutely not. By Georgia law it is illegal to tattoo anyone under the age of 18, even with parental consent.

Does your shop use numbing cream?

  • We typically do not recommend the use of numbing agents as it might affect the quality of the tattoo. However, in certain cases it is acceptable. Please consult with your artist. In the event that you decide to use a numbing agent, alert your artist. 

Does your shop do white ink Only tattoos?

  • Yes. However, this type of tattoo will not stand the test of time. Therefore they are not guaranteed and  touchups will be at full price. 

Does your shop to do glow-in-the-dark tattoos?

  • No. 

Does your shop pierce? 

  • Unfortunately, not at this time. 

Does your shop do house parties or tap out sessions?

  • Absolutely not. 


Please click on the button bellow for PDF of aftercare instructions.

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